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Colorful Canteens Advocacy Campaign – For School Food Reform

Meals in Czech school canteens often have insufficient nutritional quality, which has a negative impact on children’s health. Learning children to healthy eating habits remains an untapped teaching potential. Currently, about 10% of children with specific dietary needs are excluded from school catering. The whole system has an excessive ecological footprint – about 96 million dishes are thrown away in canteens each year and also because of the high animal food content and carbon footprint. It is evident that the school food system offers a huge opportunity to improve the health of children and gives the chance to make our education more sustainable. Examples from a number of European Union countries show that school canteens can work differently.

We aim to change decree No.107/2005 Sb., about school catering, which prescribes insufficient amounts of fruit, vegetables and pulses, does not restrict the use of unhealthy foods and salt, and the menus compiled according to it are based on a high proportion of animal foods.

We want to enforce the modification of the decree by working with key organizations and experts who are also working on the subject. So far, no organization has engaged the public in change. That’s where our project is unique. We will target parents and students first and foremost. The public will be able to sign on to our appeal, which we will promote to target groups on social networks and through the media. Students will be offered educational activities focused on healthy and sustainable diets and advocacy skills. We will work with well-known celebrities who will publicly support the campaign.

With the support of the public, partner organizations, experts and well-known celebrities, we will actively address and engage with key politicians and officials.